About the Blog

This blog is about dogs and scentwork. I will gather here thoughts, ideas, experiences and studies that are related to training scentwork and working with different kinds of detection dogs.

The world of scents is part of the daily life of our loyal companions, dogs. We use their great sense of smell for many different tasks – drug detection, search and rescue, medical alerting and many more. Although we are not able to fully understand a dog’s sense of smell or experience the world they live in, we are learning more and more how to make use of it.

The knowledge on scents and animals’ sense of smell is increasing and it’s beneficial for us all to share the knowledge and be up to date. This blog is one forum to learn and share information so that we could all become better trainers and handlers for our dogs. Please feel free to suggest topics and take part in conversations by commenting the posts.

If you want to send me a message privately, please use the form below.

I welcome you to join me on this journey in the fascinating world of scents!



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